Recently there has been this slim, attention seeking woman in my gym saying to the gym staff that she is wanting to do vlogging about fitness and exercise etc. This was a while ago, but recently on the old facebook it came up with the people you may know tab and she was on it so as you do i decided to take a look at her profile and noticed she has the usual various social media pages so took a look at them, now i wish i didnt! I came across a video where she is thrusting her pelvis doing what i assume is bridging (done badly) and me in the background doing hip rotations on a gym ball. Now i am not skinny, not by any means. I am a 20stone woman who keeps fit, no health problems and been doing gym workouts for 10 years maybe more but i still dont want to see myself in some tarts video! She didnt tell me at the time she was recording and she didnt ask my permission and now i am on total emotional shut down because this video is all over the social media pages. I have reported it to my sports centre but i doubt they will do anything so now i have to change my routine just to avoid this tramp which i shouldnt have to do. Yet again i have to change my routine to fit others when really this girl shouldnt be filming in the gym i mean seriously who wants to watch some skinny woman doing exercises vey badly, she doesnt even work up a sweat! Its really hard to explain how i feel about this video, i feel violated, i feel how i feel when i was raped many years ago, i have lost my confidence, i dont want to speak to anyone or do anything. Yes i know its stupid but i dont want to be all over the internet, not everyone has a nice past and i am one of those that hasnt. Going to try and get to the gym tonight but after tonight i will change my workouts to the mornings so i dont see this girl, shouldnt be like this but i have no other option. I no longer will be having a laugh with the evening staff in the gym and i wont be seeing my best friend as he works in the evenings and i am guessing he wont be able to give me my free PT sessions which means i wont be able to do his social media advertising because we have a service exchange agreement. So this little video is forcing me to change my life just to fit around her because i dont want to star in any of her little projects. my life sucks!

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